An extensive Latin course for the book Pugio Bruti.

Imagine a course in the Latin language that uses an exciting textbook. A course that you could do in your own time, at your own pace and where ever you wanted to. This is that course.

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"Large quantities of understandable and fun Latin."

Encountering volumes of material in the target language is an essential task for anyone desiring to gain proficiency in a language. Daniel Pettersson, in his creating a course around his Pugio Bruti novella, has done a great service to those seeking to gain deep proficiency in Latin.

Anyone who takes this course will encounter over six hours of comprehensible Latin audio and video presented in an extremely engaging fashion. Students who have taken an introductory Latin course and are looking to expand their exposure to Latin would do themselves a tremendous favor by working through the Pugio Bruti course.

Not only will such students be exposed to large quantities of understandable and fun Latin, students will also be introduced to several aspects of Roman culture and history.

I am confident that students will not only enjoy this course but they will also greatly benefit from it. I am very much looking forward to enjoying the books, materials, and courses that Daniel Pettersson and Amelie Rosengren are constructing.

These are exciting times for Latin learners!

- Jonathan Roberts teaches Latin online for the Davenant Latin Institute and Roman Roads Classrooms

Enjoy an exciting story while learning Latin.

An important, even crucial, part of learning Latin is to read a lot of level appropriate texts. For Latin learners and teachers, such texts can be hard to find. That is why we wrote Pugio Bruti – A Crime Story in Easy Latin.

We wrote the book with a one central goal: to be a great, enjoyable page-turning book all in Latin. It is written with less than 350 words but as true to classical Latin as possible, but without compromising the good story.

And now, to make things even better, we have created a course to go along with the book. With the course you will be able to follow along with video lessons, get help with an English-Latin glossary as well as a thorough commentary for the text. You will get even more story, more ”book” as we have written 10 new dialogues to go along with the original book. You will be able to put your knowledge to the test with quizzes and exercises, practice your listening and reading comprehension as well as get a deeper understanding of Augustan Rome with history lessons as well as original Latin from the Romans themselves.

And, if you are a teacher: we got your back! We have made sure to include extra teacher material that you can use in class.



The Pugio Bruti Online Course is first and foremost a course in the Latin language.

The course will guide you through the book Pugio Bruti — A Crime Story in Easy Latin and its language step by step using video classes, history lessons, commentaries for the text, glossary, exercises, provide you with more reading materials and introduce you to original Latin from the Romans themselves.

What you will learn

Imagine being able to practice your understanding of Latin and deepen your understanding about Rome and Roman culture wherever and whenever you choose to. Imagine utilizing words and expressions from the book and putting your listening and reading abilities to the test in your pajamas, in the garden or from your children's treehouse.

The course will help you internalize the Latin used in Pugio Bruti as well as broaden your knowledge about Rome and Roman culture, and give you the possibility to familiarize with original Latin from Antiquity and the Romans themselves. And it will do so whenever you have the time, at your pace without the hassle of going to class or keeping time.

What the course contains

The course consists of well over 100 lectures divided into 10 modules. These contain a wide variety of material:

  • Study tips
  • Commentaries for every chapter
  • Video summaries in Latin
  • Video lessons in Latin
  • Full Latin-English Glossary
  • Reading and listening comprehension exercises
  • Image quizzes and crosswords
  • History lessons
  • Literary Latin texts with recordings
  • Supplemental teacher materials
  • Extra reading material: Dialogues
  • And more!

Study tips

One of the first things you will find in the Pugio Bruti Online Course is a video about how to use the course. That video contains good tips on how to study using the book and the course. On top of that you will also find a document containing study tips that are not only applicable to the course and the book Pugio Bruti but universal for language learning.

Commentaries for every chapter

The course contains commentaries for every single chapter of the book. These explain, in English, the vocabulary, expressions and grammar of the book. This will help you learn more about how Latin works.

Video summaries in Latin

Every module begins with a video summary in Easy Latin where the chapters for that specific module are summarized for you in slow Latin. In the class curriculum below you can watch the video for the summary of module one.

Video lessons in Latin

For every chapter of the book there is a classroom video lesson in which Daniel teaches the chapter in Latin, asking questions on the text and story as well as explain grammar and expressions. Below you will find an excerpt from one of the video lessons, and in the class curriculum further down you can preview video lesson 1.2, i.e. the lesson for Chapter one of Pugio Bruti. You can change the speed of the playback from very slow to fast to fit your current ability.

Full Latin-English Glossary

We have created a glossary of all word forms occurring in Pugio Bruti. This list gives the English equivalent of each Latin word form in Pugio Bruti, if you need it while reading the book. So for instance, if you look up pugione, you will find ”with the dagger”. You can preview it in the curriculum further down.

Reading and listening comprehension exercises

Every module has many quizzes with multiple choice questions on the story and vocabulary. Before answering the questions, you are asked to either read a chapter from the book, or listen to an audiofile. The questions and answers are all in Latin, to give you as much practice as possible.

Image quizzes and crosswords

Sprinkled throughout the course you will find quizzes based on the illustrations in Pugio Bruti, you will also find a few word puzzles or crosswords to test your vocabulary.

History lessons

Every module contains a history lesson in English that treat different aspects on Roman history and culture that relate to Pugio Bruti, e.g. wine, Augustus, and beards.

Literary Latin

Every module has a bonus lesson for a taste of ”real” Rome. In this you will encounter Latin from the Roman authors themselves in the form of the original Latin text, recording of it, and an English translation.

Supplemental teacher material

The book Pugio Bruti has been adopted by teachers all over the world. We have therefore made sure to provide the Online Course with teaching materials that can be used in class, making preparations and teaching easier. This includes printable quizzes, images, crosswords, dialogues, classroom exercises suggestions as well as the entire commentary for the book in a handy PDF. Take a look at the end of the Class curriculum down below for further details.

Extra reading material: dialogues

We have written 10 dialogues for this course. The dialogues all take place within the story of Pugio Bruti and provides you with more story and above all: more Latin to read.

Check out the full Class curriculum further down below for more details and some previews.

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"Effective in increasing reading fluency and knowledge of Latin idiom."

Latinitium’s Pugio Bruti course is, mea sententia, an essential resource for Latin teachers and autodidacts alike. It expands the novella Pugio Bruti— outstanding for its authentic Latinity and sophisticated storytelling — with an impressive quantity and variety of supplementary materials: dialogues, video lectures, history lessons, chapter summaries, quizzes, and even crossword puzzles. Over the past several months, I have used the novel and course for my own enrichment, in a reading group with other Latin teachers, and with a small class of advanced high school students; in each case it has proven effective in increasing reading fluency and knowledge of Latin idiom. Mr. Pettersson and Ms. Rosengren are to be commended for this excellent contribution to the corpus of Latin “comprehensible input” — they have raised the bar very high indeed.

Jared Meyer, Immaculata Classical Academy


Latin as Latin

We believe in the importance of reading, listening and understanding Latin as Latin, while of course enjoying yourself. That is why we use a lot of Latin in the Pugio Bruti Online Course: It is spoken in videos and audio files, it is used alongside English in instructions, and in quizzes and it is used in the extra reading materials provided.

This way you will encounter as much Latin, and in the most unexpected places, as possible so to help you internalize the language efficiently and make the language your friend.

Principles and purpose

This course is built on two central principles: On the one hand, on the importance of reading, listening and understanding Latin as Latin, while enjoying yourself, as mentioned above. On the other hand, on learning about the grammar of Latin.

The purpose of the course is first of all, to help you practice and internalise the Latin used in the book Pugio Bruti. Second to guide you systematically through the book, the language, the story and the cultural details within.

In your own time

The Pugio Bruti Online Course is a course that you can do in your own time. Once you’ve enrolled, there is no time limit so you can take as much or as little time as you need to finish it. You can also re-take the course as many times as you want

It is not bound to a place, a classroom or a specific time.

For teachers

For teachers we have also provided this course with supplementary materials that can be used in class, making preparation and teaching a much easier.

You can purchase the book used for this course, Pugio Bruti - A Crime Story in Easy Latin, here.

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Course Curriculum

Creators of the course


Behind the name Latinitium you find two people: Daniel Pettersson, M.A., and Amelie Rosengren, M.A.

Daniel Pettersson is currently teaching Latin at Stockholm University where he is also working on his PhD dissertation on Humanist Colloquia.

Amelie Rosengren, is an historian, published author and museum educator.

Together they founded Latinitium.com, wrote the book Pugio Bruti - A Crime Story in Easy Latin, and created this Online School, drawing from their combined experiences from teaching, Latin and history.

Daniel PetterssonAmelie Rosengren


What the course costs

The price for the Pugio Bruti Online Course is $129 plus tax, but we have a special launch price right now at $99 plus tax. For that you will get unlimited access to:

  • Video lessons in Latin.
  • Full commentary on the text.
  • History lessons.
  • Reading and listening comprehension exercises.
  • Video summaries.
  • New dialogues that add to the story – and give you more reading material.
  • Full Latin-English glossary.
  • Word puzzles to practice your vocabulary.
  • Image quizzes.
  • Original Latin from the Romans themselves.
  • Oh, and supplementary teacher material to use in class!

Check out the Class Curriculum above, if you haven't already.

There is no time limit and you can take the course, re-watch, re-read, repeat, as many times as you want. It is a teacher-less course, so that you can take it when it suits you!

VAT and Sales Tax

The price of the course is $129 plus tax, but right now, as mentioned, we have a launch price of $99! Yay! Tax, or VAT, will be added to this and it differs from country to country – so if you for instance reside in Sweden it will not be the same VAT as in Italy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Do I need a textbook?
Yes. This course uses Pugio Bruti - A Crime Story in Easy Latin. You can purchase the book on www.latinitium.com/books/pugiobruti.
What does the course cost?
Right now we have a launch price of $99 plus tax, ordinary price is $129 plus tax. The added tax or VAT differs from country to country, that means that the end price may differ depending on what your country’s added VAT is.
Will there be classes to attend?
No. This is a teacher-less course. That means that you can take it when it best suits you, be that at eleven in the morning or three at night. The video lessons are constructed in a way so it feels like you’re in class with a teacher, but it is not live.

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